The varieties of wedding color schemes available years back are so much that it gives the new bride a tough decision to make. The trend in wedding cut across a lot of beautiful and glamorous factors – the color scheme is one of such.

It would be absurd to plan for a wedding without critically examining the right combination of colors that would give your wedding the right color scheme that you intended. This is why most brides go through series of brainstorming selection just to make the day as colorful as ever.

Most times, the time of the year have a significant role to play in making a wedding color scheme decision. This is due to the fact that winter and summer donor share the same color appeal – that is, what is tenable in summer might be awkward during winter.

The focus and goal of this article are to give you a wide range of beautiful wedding color scheme for 2018. So, take a deep breathe and follow through.


Lavender and Lilac

When you combine these two distinctive colors, it gives you a feel of beauty. The lavender’s light and dust quality (or purple) are graced with the simplicity and fresh attributes of lilac. This scheme is just perfect for your 2018 wedding.


White, Peony, Gold, and Silver

This metallic white color scheme has a lustrous look that is sure to stand the test of time. The dazzling effects of the gold and silver coupled with the delightful inclusion of the pink peony will give you and your guests a guaranteed atmosphere of ambiance.


Vintage Red and Peach
This combination is quite a vibrant one. Floral and other decor items should be as possible, this gives you the elegance attributes of this combinations. The freshness and fun it gives depend on your taste though.


Cameo Brown, Ceramic, Haze, and Almond glow
This color is quite exclusive to muted personalities. Your wedding would have a feeling of creamy and dreamlike when you utilize cameo brown dominantly. There are no limits to your creativity when this wedding color scheme, hence, you can mix ceramic, haze, and almond glow to improve the color scheme.


Dust Rose and Green

This wedding color scheme is a great compromise for pink as it is not overly feminine. The combination gives you wide range of large decor and little details decor, hence, the possibilities are quite endless.

Other high-quality, vibrant, gorgeous and beautiful wedding color schemes include dark blue and mauve, champagne and wine, and other varieties of red. All the above-listed wedding color scheme are equipped to wow guests imaginations at weddings.

Hopefully, the list would be handy while making your 2018 wedding color scheme decisions.