The wedding reception is one of the most interesting parts of the wedding ceremony, and it usually gets the largest audience. The reception venue should be one of the most decorated for the wedding because it most times takes the largest part of the ceremony. 

Floral décor is one great way of doing this as the designs range from the bride and groom to every section of the venue. Flowers such as rose, chrysanthemums, tulips, daisies, calla lily, lily of the valley, phalaenopsis orchid, sweet pea, gardenia etc can be used for a great and beautiful design on the reception ground.

Hence this article aims at the explaining ways through which you can get these flowers beyond just the popular centrepieces usage of flower in the wedding reception. Hence I will be discussing few other ways to your beautiful flowers to create another extraordinary special look and attention for your wedding reception.

  1. Create an entry pathway with flowers: you can make a creative look for your reception entrance for your guest. Using any of the above-listed flowers to form a pathway in a well-arranged flower vast or wine press barren will create a cool fascinating scene. If your reception is planned to be outdoors, flowers can be arranged to demarcate where you want your guest to pass and where you would like to pass as well. And if it is an indoor reception, entrances are already there but you can get the look different with any of the flowers above.
  2. Welcome table or gift table: well, in every reception there is a segment of the venue separated for your guess to be welcomed by your ushers either hired or volunteered and where they can drop the gift brought to grace your reception. Do you know you can actually get those segment to be well decorated and designed with flowers and these flowers will not only make the venue beautiful but the fragrance, symbolic representation and beauty of the flowers will go along way to show your heart of appreciation to your guest?
  3. Sweetheart table: the sweetheart table is the table right in front of the bride and groom and most times, it is this table that is used for the toast which is the most expected and attractive event of the wedding. Hence, a well fresh flower design can be used to cover up the table, and rather than using the tall centrepieces that can block your faces, using a well-arranged flower will make a beautiful look for all.

Finally, you can also make your wedding reception exception with the use of greenery to decorate the back of chairs, that turns out to be garland draped across doorframes. You can get the best by using seeded eucalyptus and silver dollar eucalyptus to form cool silver-green colour. And with this, you can be sure of an elegant beauty and a cool nice fragrance for your reception.

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