A wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion that both men and women value greatly, especially women. This is not a new thing as it has in time immemorial being one occasion that most ladies plan their best for.

The truth is that once the bell of wedding starts ringing, there is this great feeling of excitement that over clouds, not just the persons involved but as much as the families as well. Hence, wedding plans and budgets are being drawn raging from wedding venue to wedding dress, D J, foods, etc. But wedding flower has been noted to find itself at the base of priority list most often despite being one of the major characters of wedding events and even when it’s considered, it is given almost the least of the budget. But in the real sense wedding flowers should be given a major attention and priority because it plays a major role in the integration of the events design, theme, clothing, etc. all through the occasion, and that is one of the ways to ensure a colourful wedding. Hence, this article will be helping you to get updated information on the types of flowers that you can use to beautify your wedding and the cost as in recent time.

Well, what determines the cost of your wedding flowers ranges from the type of flower you would prefer, their availability in the season, how full you want your bouquet, how big you like your bridal party to look, how much of ceremonial and reception flowers you want. In another article we have created a list of the different Types of Wedding Flowers and Their Costs.

The average cost of wedding flowers by arrangement, according to Brides.com, is as follows:

  • Bridal bouquet: $150 to $350
  • ​Bridesmaid bouquet: $65 to $125
  • Boutonniere: $24 to $45
  • Pin-on corsage: $32 to $48
  • Wrist corsage: $48 to $65​
  • Reception flowers: $75 to $250
  • Flower girl petals: $65 per bag
  • ​Altar flowers: $75 to $500
  • Head table centerpiece: $65 to $150​
  • Guest table centerpiece: $75 to $400
  • Cake flowers: $25 to $150


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