There are three types of flowers that are used for weddings. While we only work with fresh flowers, there are some clients we request faux or dried flowers over fresh flowers. This may be for a variety of reasons, ranging from allergies to last minute weddings. Below we have list there three types of wedding flowers and their expect costs.

  1. FRESH WEDDING FLOWER: fresh wedding flowers are the most popular and commonly used flower because of their exquisite beauty, most lovely smell, nice feeling and no negative stigma around it. However, to get a fresh flower, the season must be considered and to get the genuine freshness it has to be set that very day. The price for the bouquets ranges between $100 to $ 500 while that of boutonnieres is $25 and that of corsage is between $25 and $65.
  2. SILK (FAUX) WEDDING FLOWER: silk is fast becoming the alternative to most brides because of the advantage of not being seasonal, neither does it die or wilt and above all it is budget friendly. The only issue around silk is the possibility of getting a fake or cheesy one and the lack of personalization. And this is enough reason for brides to get off it. However, a beautiful silk bouquet can be purchase for $35 or $220(more than $300 for a lifelike bouquet),  while silk boutonnieres costs between $6 to $13 and its corsages cost between $9 and $18.
  3. DRIED (PRESERVED) WEDDING FLOWERS: this is a flower that is not really in vogue due to ignorance. Dried wedding flowers are better options to silk because it contains all the benefits that can be gotten from silk with an added advantage over the negative stigma that silk has.  Dried flowers are still really flowers with a very nice look and smell. However, due to the process of preserving a fresh flower, a single stem of a preserved flowers can cost more than a stem of a fresh flower. The prices of dried flower bouquet are between $75 to $500.


With this, you already have a guide on how to go on with your wedding plans and budget and I can assure you a great event as you expect.